BE LIVELY (INVIGORATO) - 1:20 - 50 ml

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INVIGORATO PSC® is a dietary supplement that supplement that boosts energy levels naturally and prevents fatigue. It also can increase stamina without containing any caffeine.

Dietary Components: Black Currant – Ribes Nigrum (buds) 1:20, Giant Redwood – Sequoiadendron Giganteum (young shoots) 1:20, Oak – (Quercus Pedonculata / Robur) buds 1:20, Rosemary – Rosmarinus Officinalis (young shoots) 1:20, Organic Grape alcohol 60% and Vegetable Glycerin from Red Palm Trees.

Recommended Serving: 30 minutes before each meal take 20 drops 3 times daily into 1/2 glass of high quality filtered water and SIP sublingually over a period of 5 minutes. Children < 80 lbs. 1/2 and infants 1/3 of the recommended serving. Please note: Not recommended less than 4 hours before bedtime as it could interfere with sleep.